About Hsv1 and Hsv2 Treatment

People are so ignorant about herpes. There needs to be far more information put out there for people to read or hear. HSV1 and HSV2 share approx. 50% of the same DNA. You can get type 1 genitally and you can get type 2 orally. You can be a 'carrier' of the virus and not have a clue that you are. Incredibly, herpes is NOT on the list of standard STI testing, you have to actually ask your gp to include it in the test which is just ridiculous! Contrary to opinions below, there is no cure at this stage, it's a virus and you can't kill it or get rid of it, it certainly won't just disappear. Doctors are sometimes completely uneducated on the subject of herpes so they give false hope to people. I have heard of people that have been told by their doctor that it's ok to have unprotected sex as long as you're not having an outbreak...what a crock of shit that is! Your body can shed the virus at any time so even if you don't have an outbreak, you can still pass it on to your partner. The psychological effects on those who are diagnosed are enormous as the stigma is always there but there is little in the way of support.

Because unless symptoms are present, it's impossible to diagnose due to behaviour of the virus. The herpes virus changes from active-inactive so it may not come up on the blood test (also the reason why the immune system takes a long time to fight off the virus). An STI check does (should) include a visual check as well for lumps and pimples especially if symptoms are present. If any sores/warts are present, a swab is taken and sent off to the lab for PCR testing (this testing is also low quality and may produce false positive results). This applies to both HPV and HSV-2 which are believed to be wide spread amongst the sexually active population.