When you have herpes can you've children?

Of course, although it is not impossible to get kids with herpes, you'll need to take additional precautions. Without giving herpes to it you'll have a kid, but you along with your doctor must keep a watch on things. Provided that you're not having a herpes outbreak when you go into labor, the child shouldn't get infected. There's a reason to be concerned, or in the event you are having an outbreak, your physician will perform a C-section.

Will the Infant Get Herpes?
In case you had herpes before you got pregnant, or should herpes contracted prior to the third trimester, a vaginal delivery can be done. This really is because your body has had loads of time to develop antibodies to the virus, which reduce the risk of shedding it and reduce the level of the virus. These antibodies can also be in the placenta and for that reason supply the baby with some resistance.

Antiviral Drugs and Pregnancy
If you are just infected throughout the pregnancy or are having an outbreak, of passing on the virus then the chances are not low. In this instance your physician will need to deliver the child by way of a Cartesian section.

How about breastfeeding?
It's also safe to breastfeed your infant even during an outbreak once your baby is born. But when you have sores on your breasts, then obviously you would not desire to breastfeed.

Tell Your Doctor
If a baby gets herpes, it might be serious and in a few cases it can be lethal to the kid. So it is essential that you tell your physician in case you or your partner has herpes so all the essential precautions can be taken. So long as you are careful and conscious of your own body, you failing that and can possibly still have a vaginal birth, you'll have a C section. So yes, you'll have children if you have