Information about Treatment of Genital Herpes

First thing you have to do during natural treatments for genital herpes drug process comprehends the symptom and sign to decide appropriate treatment. Usually, first hint is influenza like afterward blister will appear until creating sores that are painful. Recurrent outbreak will occur because activated by stress and illness.

Next thing to do is beginning proper herpes diet. What you should do is strengthened your body immune system by consuming food that abundant of iron, vitamin B, mineral, iron and lysine. Remember to also consume vegetable and fruit as your daily intake. Alcohol, smoking, sugar and junk food are demands to be averted.

Olive oil is fantastic for genital herpes that is natural. Merely take a cup of olive oil and cook it. Do not forget to include lavender and some bee wax. When this mixture has cooled then you should start to distribute it around the outbreak area. Another natural treatment is Echinacea as it's great to boost your immune level. Prunella vulgaris and Rozites carpeta mushroom is, in addition, great mushroom.
You can also decrease swelling and the pain by applying ice pack on region that is infected. Another way is taking warm bath with baking soda inclusion to lessen the pain and itchy. Just be sure that your genital will be clean and dry. Ayurveda herb is, in addition, effective to treat herpes ulcer. It's great option than common medicine to soothe your herpes ulcer and blister.

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