The Problem of Negative Parental Attitudes towards School

If you have a subscription to an Internet plan such as Spectrum cable Internet Deals, you would be aware of the fact that the parents of the contemporary generation have this demanding and negative attitude towards schools and teachers. Let’s dig deeper into this.

It is a common perception that we live in very advanced times. This is what we all like to say and believe. But the reality is not as plausible as we think it is. Extremism is on consistently increasing in all parts of the world. People are becoming more and more staunch and rigid. People do not show acceptability to other ethnicities, new ideologies, different faiths, and what not. This rigidity is one of the reasons why Racism and terrorism are also on a rise. People only want to accept what they think is right and acceptable. They have defined their own set of values and they want other to fit into their box too, which is so wrong at many levels. If you have a subscription to a quality Internet plan, such as Spectrum Plans, you would be aware of the current scenario of the world regarding this staunchness and rigidity through the news that appears all the time about these issues.

Same is the case with schools. In every society and country, ultraconservative and overtly religious people exist and they are adamant about their beliefs. They do not want to accept the new trends, research, studying methods, and want others to change according to what they want. This is where acceptability part comes in. The negative attitude of parents towards schooling is not a new concept. It has always been there. They have this issue with what they deem to be a 'secular' brand of education. In particular, they have problems with schools teaching their children such topics as Darwinian Evolution, Creationism (the Big Bang), and others. Let’s discuss this further.

The Effect on Children

The effects of this kind of negative parental attitudes are not good at all. They are neither positive nor constructive. If the rigidity is to an extent that the parents keep dropping children from school and migrate them from one school to another, never satisfied with any, the consequences would be worse. The children will not even feel marginalized and disconnected with the other children. They will feel a sense of loss and missing out. The long-term effects of all this will even make them less constructive and will lower their confidence levels. They will not become active participants in the society and will contribute very little. Also, they will become insecure and hence will always find it difficult to compete with their fellows. 

Is Homeschooling a Solution?

Homeschooling is a choice and parents are free to opt for it. But one should not opt for it because of the negative attitude and concepts about schooling. Homeschooling is opted for different reasons, like parents’ convenience etc. One must remember that parental attitudes and styles towards child education and rearing are pivotal factors in the psychological development of the children. The parental attitudes have a mark on the psychosocial development of children and hence should be taken of. After all, we want our children to be positive contributors towards society and active participants. So, if homeschooling is chosen, it should be for the right reasons.

Encourage Progress and Embrace the Future

The need to have the mindset of progress and embracing the future is very important. We live in times of progress and advancement. We have witnessed major changes in the world, huge inventions, and great scientific achievements in just a few decades. There have always been people who go against the flow and have an old-school approach towards the new inventions and changes. They will always say stereotypical things about the latest research ventures, inventions, and advancements. Their approach will always cause hindrance in the progress of a society and people at large.
The negative attitude towards schooling is also the same kind of reaction. It lacks encouragement towards progress and future. Our approach towards life should be futuristic and we should embrace the future, progress, and all those things that are part and parcel of it. Children have fertile brains. They will accept the changes only if you encourage them too. Parents should realize that their children are going to live in an even advanced world than the one they lived in. So, children should be encouraged to accept the changes and this approach will eventually make them active members of the society.
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